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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

The Result

 The German statement you may find here!

There is no excuse or justification!

Besides, exactly this results from if the person does not know anymore, who he is and as well then cowardly bears no witness the daily unusual events, even if these will not be very pleasant!

Everybody is looking for his advantages and the result of these advantages is clearly illustrated here below!

You  and your equals have been too cowardly quite obviously be informing the Japanese in the matter and getting these people on board and that will come so really expensive for everyone involved! 


Stem cell research

Japan allows experiments with human-animal-hybrids.

Now it has been approved researchers in Japan to carry out experiments with human- animal-embryos – up to the birth of such hybrids. In the long term donor organs should be cultivated for people.

Stem cell research: Japan permits experiments with human animal-mixing being


You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves, particularly you as the contemporary witnesses in the matter; you partly have fallen seriously intellectually ill or you already are mentally handicapped persons collectively!!

An embryo of a rat, approximately 15 days old

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Germany, Luebeck, 8/1/2019