• Most Welcome in 2023!


  • Most Welcome in 2023!

  • Eine besinnliche Adventszeit!- Have a peaceful Advent season!

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Schön, dass ich Sie auf meiner Website begrüßen darf!

Nice to Welcome you on my Website!


Do you know the Best comes from on high?



Was ist eine Reise ohne eine Gegenleistung gegenüber der Umwelt und den kommenden Generationen wert?

Deshalb sollte man nur die wichtigen Reisen unternehmen, die dann auch die Schönsten und Besten sein werden, wobei die Erholung nicht zu kurz kommen muss!

Hier gibt es also nur das Beste.


Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Durchsehen!


Richness of Ideas

What is a trip value without any consideration opposite the environment and the coming generations?

Therefore one should undertake only the really important trips, which will be then also the nicest and best trips. Too, the rest must not come missing out!

Here there is only the best!

A lot of fun while perusing and viewing!


Nearly everybody who is going to have a holiday abroad could take his time for the cultural of other nations by getting in contact with the locals to canvass local opinions.


Pictures or other possibilities to come in contact with the locals would be fine.

Talk about it

Everybody should be able to give information about the real situation in his own country.