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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

U. N. Conference on Trade and Development

Palais des Nation            

CH-1211 Geneva 10


To the FRG

Luebeck, Saturday, November 1, 2003

Free English translation 6 September 2021.

Schoolwork for Church and Politics

The German-language document you may find here! 

Dear Sirs!

You will please immediately prepare a clear cost and profit calculation regarding the two million dollar projects of the new shopping center in Luebeck. Luebeck indeed needed nothing more than another comfortable shopping center! Any layman can see that the two buildings, including the underground garages, have become one of Luebeck's most expensive projects, in a place that is also based on a very high rental price.

Who is actually going to pay for all this?

Let's take Firm Saturn and Rossmann as an example, each of which has moved into one of the two buildings. Saturn already has serious competitors in Hamburg, but it can expand to Luebeck, where we already have Elektro-70, Schauland, Karstadt AG and Media Markt, and Brinkmann has already had to close, not even taking into account the many department stores and discount stores.

                 To put it bluntly, the market is oversaturated in this sector as in most others.

Piled high in large quantities, Firm Saturn offers the merchandise that would last as stock for years. Perhaps with a few exceptions, as was clearly evident, the goods were ordered and delivered directly from the manufacturers or intermediaries, because the excess stock from Hamburg was not transferred to Luebeck. The Rossmann shop in Hansestraße, which is in the immediate vicinity of the shopping centre, also had the goods delivered from stock to the new shop and closed the old shop with all the goods in Hansestraße.

Now will you please explain to me how these shops will "pay off" in terms of high rental costs, high stock levels and transport costs. Where does Saturn get the money for such a project, since customers in Hamburg are not exactly rushing in? By the way, Rossmann is also struggling with competition and a similar question arises in this respect. Perhaps it should also be mentioned that the large stores are causing the smaller Luebeck specialist shops in these sectors to falter and will not be able to survive for much longer, which is very regrettable.

To get back to the big stores, I ask myself once again where Saturn, for example, gets the money for such a project and can stuff the shop with expensive goods. They clearly buy in quantities, regardless of actual need and demand, and thus take advantage of the sales discount. This method has been going on in this way for more than a decade now with the success of looking for more products, innovations and inventions that still have a chance of sales and success, but everything that is now to come can no longer be related to a healthy need. Much of what the market already offers has been produced for more than just human needs.

In addition, more and more invisible radiation and electromagnetic waves as well as infrared radiation including digital functional possibilities will be mixed with chemical reactions and much more! So the bottom line is that there can only be nonsense that will be associated with leisure activities or the nonsense that will turn human beings into artificial creatures kept alive by the medical-technical innovations and developments of instruments.

The aforementioned method of bulk buying on a large scale seems to have proved its worth; one can observe this principle especially in the food market. Here, jumbo packs are also very much in evidence, although it should be mentioned that these bulk packs in discount shops are very often cheaper than half-sized packs in supermarkets such as Sky, so that the consumer is more likely to take the bulk pack and then dispose of the old, surplus remainder, which is very disastrous because other people have to die of starvation at the same time.

However, especially in the high-tech and electrical sector, prices fall very quickly and are often reduced by half or more in order not to finance shelf warmer goods, as further development and thus the change of products proceeds very quickly. However, if you calculate back and look at the real costs of the somewhat older product, which can now be bought at a knock-down price, the result is a clear loss - it will not be a single item; it is often production quantities that are no longer current.

The labour and jobs paid for it as well as the production costs such as transport costs could not be covered, but this loss account goes to the wholesaler or retailer, unless the traders have commission goods stacked in the warehouses. In this case, the quantity discount for the sale of goods usually does not apply, as the manufacturer bears the risk of misinvestment due to the excessive quantity. The wholesaler and also the retailer will have found a way to hedge, otherwise companies like Saturn would not still be expanding.

There are ways and means to book expired foodstuffs and shop goods under depreciation in the balance sheet for cost-covering reasons. Presumably, it can only be insurance companies that are eligible for these cost settlements, in that partly undamaged goods are deliberately converted into defective goods by the retailer. If one converts the labour, the production and transport costs as well as the basic materials of the goods accordingly, then one also wonders how much is actually taken out of the earth and thrown on the rubbish heap; so in the end one is no longer surprised about this high unemployment figure.

Not only the insurance companies will be behind the overproduction, but also the state will profit from the higher production turnovers and promote these machinations; whether the money is recovered and the turnover is right has long since ceased to be an issue.

The main thing is consumption and thus the economy is stimulated and revived."?"

Many large companies that have overstretched themselves through bad investments and had to file for bankruptcy were also financed by the state, which wanted to reduce unemployment in this way and has also subsidised many companies for these reasons. In this way you have created an artificially inflated circulation of money which, due to the unstable prices which are also dictated by the world market and which are coupled with the share deals, causes the profit margins and profit distributions to arise in the wrong places!

This is probably another reason why the state is increasingly in the red and the mountain of debt has become unmanageable. The consumer himself is educated and animated to consume by the clever advertising and by further new openings and it is suggested to him that he also needs these products, no matter what nonsense they are. The piled-up goods, stacked high and illuminated with neon lights in quantities apparently cause a feeling of security and satisfaction; no man wonders any more where these quantities and prices come from, and no man wonders any more that he can't get a job.

The idea that at the same time many people live below the subsistence level and many have to die of starvation no longer occurs to anyone who even enters a supermarket. Yes, the consumer only wants to have, have, have everything and leave nothing out. He wants to try everything and possess more and more; if he could, he would even eat his way through the walls! The consumer needs this and that and something new again and something more and nothing will suffice and be enough for him, because he can't get enough any more; you can take my word for that! If you look at the public or the customers in the markets, you can literally read the insatiability in the faces of many people.

This consumerism has long since scooped all the men!

A man would hardly let himself be deprived of his job for the cost reasons described above, just because others are not be able to get enough.  A man would go to the employment office and beat the desk of the case worker there with his cudgel in order not to be classed as a lowlife, also so that he would not lose his position as head of his family. You have made a broken puppet out of a man of today who has forgotten how to calculate and can no longer see the consequences!

Now, here in the FRG, we have our Mr Eichel and our Mr Schroeder, who only mentioned as an example, who seem to want to enter the Guinness Book of Records as well as history by the very highest mountain of debt that has ever been made in the FRG. Now I will write to you how it is with the two gentlemen, because the responsibility for such an economic policy, which turns a man into half a little sausage,* no one will be able to seriously expect and charge these two with this responsibility. Should Mr Eichel, as has already happened, come under serious pressure, he will clearly defend his honourability, of which he is also convinced himself at this moment, and threaten his resignation as a countermeasure. He considers his name to be representative and worthy of attention. He personally has looked out for number one and is also secured by a resignation for the rest of his life.

Through the convincingly played correctness and through Mr. Eichel's trained manner of expression, that is, through this gift of Mr. Eichel to be able to turn truths and facts in his favour, Mr. Schroeder will send Mr. Eichel ahead and then skilfully build up his self-confidence and credibility through, again, his gift of being able to inspire and entertain masses, whereby it is often only through his speeches that he comes up with proposed solutions.

So he has and so he and his Finance Minister would again contribute accordingly.

In addition, it should be mentioned that Mr. Schroeder is a very hard-working person, but these prerequisites are no longer sufficient for this position; the brains of Dr. E. Stoiber and the head of Dr. H. Kohl+ are missing. I have been able to make these observations and findings from a distance through the TV; other people who have personally come into contact with these politicians have apparently not been able to make this observation or else one has made use of these gifts or talents of such behaviour in order to get even more out of it for the FRG, so that one does not get sidelined by such little fellows and consorts who, after a certain period of government, hand over their office, at least the office of a Federal Chancellor, to other persons and can no longer be prosecuted for anything.

Let's take the USA, France or England, there it doesn't look much better with the acting and the responsibility and not only there! Which judge could put an end to these machinations?

No judge could, because the judiciary also condemns the fool at the end of the chain, who may also have become delinquent through the loss of his job and through the loss of his position in the family.

Likewise, the affected sons of unemployed fathers, who need a true role model, are drawn into the maelstrom of social decline and have thus become more vulnerable.

To take away a man's job, to let him become unstable, to work him through the media and turn him into insatiable consumers, this requires cunning and trickery by an ingenious system which has ensured that no one could pull the emergency brake, so that the earth is exploited and destroyed to the last.

You should now think about whether, for example, a Mr. Eichel or a Mr. Schroeder and consorts can be held responsible for these conditions and, if so, by whom, if the earth were really to explode? I will tell you who will pay the highest price after life for these conditions; it will be those who are closest to Creation; it will be the Chair of Peter, it will be the true clergy and it will be primarily the Authorities and not a Mr Eichel, a Mr Schroeder, a Mr Blair or a Mr Bush. They will be followed by witty older personalities, also especially witty people from foreign cultures, and so the succession continues in responsibility.

What could not have been done for these ostentatious buildings in Luebeck to ensure a reasonable start and to create secure and meaningful jobs, primarily for men? By these buildings have also played with the Empress, especially here in Luebeck, by simply ignoring all warnings against such heavy, partly underground buildings; probably also in the hope that we three personalities* would lose our minds or be admitted to the psychiatric ward in the meantime. Perhaps an attempt was and still is being made to turn us into split personalities, which will be a disaster in such leadership positions. This has not yet succeeded, as rather death will be the consequence for the Authorities due to your diseased behaviour, which was played with in this form.

You will now immediately contact Mr. G.-M. F., lawyer and notary, Luebeck, so that especially my person's hard-earned path will no longer be blocked and Mr. G.-M.F. will help my person* to get what will be demanded, also so that immediate measures can be taken.* Please have all the castles cleared worldwide within a quarter of a year by giving the present occupants a decent home. If they refuse, the current castle occupants will be forcibly housed in a block of flats. All titles of humanity, including Lord-titles will you please take back and have the names changed.

There is only one Emperor*, one Empress*, one King* and his consort the Queen.

There are German princes** and African princes**. There are also Chinese princes and Asian princesses who are not yet named, as well as people from other cultures who will also have princes or princesses. The succession of the lineage of Authority bears civil names; a succession can be a dangerous nonsense, as can be proved by the "highnesses" appointed by mankind. To deflate the seriousness of the situation somewhat, as an unemployed female person and as a trained retail salesman, the emphasis being on man, I went to the employment office with my umbrella and hit the desk with it accordingly. Out of millions of unemployed, I was probably the only person who behaved normally and asserted my claims.

Remember: Politics must not remain a dirty business.

The "cleanest business" must be the one right church; politics must immediately follow in this respect for the reasons mentioned!

P. p. Empress


Time is short; it comes to an end for a new beginning, probably by a fairy-tale!

**German-language document corrected for content /2015 /*2017 /2019

* Unit